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November 11, 2008



"The Great Friend Exorcism of '02" LMAO.

Change can be difficult, but so exciting. I didn't know you were a belly dancer. But I'm glad your business is growing to the point you can devote yourself full time to it!


Letting go of Habeeba's is one of the hardest things I have done. My last show, as we took our bow, I was sobbing. The school will really miss you, I know that. You were a great teacher, then co-teacher. And you'll always be a great friend! Good luck!


You better keep turning up...I need a partner in order to properly perform "Grandma Arm 'Dueling Banjos'"!


dammit! I wrote this whole long thing about how awesome you were, Megan, then my computer erased it! Oh well. Another time I'll write it again. Please know you are a fabulous dancer and teacher, and will be missed!

Deb DiSalvo

I had no idea you did that! That is pretty awesome!!! I'm going to stop by the Tiny Canary this weekend, so I'll make sure to say hi!!!


Dearest Megan,,,Thank you for teaching me! I will miss you! I hope all your dreams come true,,,you are truly a wonderful person with a sweet personality! your friend,,,,,Peggysue,,,smiles and gives Mrgan a big hug!

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