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April 18, 2008



Yeah, I like to iron. Especially when I am making stuff. Not so much the ironing of dress shirts, though.


RYC: I'm sorry I missed you. But it was so crowded. I'm not surprised.

Deb DiSalvo

Hello Megan!!! Sorry...........I ABSOLUTELY hate to iron! LOL! Your pictures are beautiful!!!!


eeeep! so lovely :)


those all looks so pretty. they were even prettier in person at artisan sundays.
I hope you had a nice day and I'll see you there very soon

eva jorgensen

i love the rainbow of scarves!


i was just remembering that when i first saw this pic before i knew you, i thought "what a showoff, she must be such a snot".

nail on head? hehe, ONLY kidding!

it IS a great pic though. and your whole damn home is GORgeous....

bitch. ; )

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